Tatkal Passport Hyderabad

Tatkal Passport Hyderabad is a support focused to get your passport in short time. We could acquire this support to you at your door steps. Get your tatkal passport at hyderabad in 3 days.
         Existing Time Period                 Proposed Time With Us
     Tatkal Passport     7 - 14 days                      1 - 3 days 
     Normal Passport   30 - 45 days                   7 - 30 days

To book the slot for your passport : Contact us TATKAL PASSPORT HYDERABAD 

tatkal passport hyderabad   

To apply for Tatkal Passport through our agency just give us a call. You can get your passport as early as possible. Make use of our services and quickly get your PassportWe offer our customers a reasonable and specific price.


(A) If an candidate wishes to acquire his passport under the Tatkal Plan, a confirmation certification as per the sample at ANNEXURE ‘F’ and conventional affidavit as Annexure “I” should be presented along with the TATKAAL fee.  The Ticket Giving Power shall maintain the right to confirm in composing the credibility of the Verification Certificate from the formal who has released it.  

All candidates looking for a passport out of turn under the TATKAAL Plan are recommended to publish their program, certification, color pictures with white-colored or mild qualifications and fee as specified below. No evidence of emergency is needed for Out-of-Turn issue of passport. Publish Cops Verification shall be done in regard of all us passports released under the Tatkaal Plan.

 (B) The candidate also has the choice to acquire a passport under Tatkal Plan on distribution of three records from the 14 records as described below, offered one of the three records is a picture identification papers and at least one of the three is amongst the records indicated at (a) to (i) and a conventional affidavit (Annexure “I”)  on non-judicial seal document properly attested by a Notary:

(a) Electors Picture Identity Cards (EPIC);

(b) Support Identity Cards from State/Central Govt, Community Industry Tasks, regional systems or Community Restricted Companies; 

(c) SC/ST/ OBC Certificates; 

(d) Independence Martial artist Identity Cards; 

(e) Hands Licenses; 

(f) Residence Documents such as Pattas, Authorized Actions etc.; 

(g) Rations Cards; 

(h) Retirement living Documents such as ex-servicemen’s Retirement living Book/Pension Transaction purchase, ex-servicemen’s Widow/Dependent Accreditations, Old Age Retirement living Order, Widow Retirement living Order; 

(i) Train Identity Cards; 

(j) Earnings Tax Identity (PAN) Cards;  

(k) Bank/ Kisan/Post Workplace Passbooks; 

(l) Student Identity Financial institution cards from Identified Academic Institutions; 

(m) Generating Licenses; and 

(n) Beginning Accreditations released under the RBD Act.

(All above records to be created in unique along with self-attested copies) 

The TATKAAL fee is moreover to the appropriate passport fee and due either in money or DD in support of Ticket Official involved.  The extra fee for out of turn TATKAAL passport, would be as follows:

Fresh Passport

1. Within 1-7 times of the time frame of Application

Rupees 2,500/- plus the copy passport fee of Rs.2500/-

2. Within 8-14 times of the time frame of Application

Rupees 1,500/- plus the copy passport fee of Rs.2500/-

Re-issue situations after expiration of 10 decades validity

3. Within 3 business times of the time frame of application

Rupees 1,500/- plus the passport fee of Rs.1000/-

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