Tatkal Passport Hyderabad Services

Get your Passport in 3 business times at you entrance actions [ Tatkal Passport, Hyderabad ]. You can also guide a port here for your passport, can get it in 1 month. 

The candidate also has the choice to acquire a passport under Tatkal plan on the demonstration of the three records from the 14 records described below, offered one of the three records is a picture recognition papers and at least one of the three is amongst the records indicated at (a) (i) and a conventional affidavit (Annex "I") on non-judicial seal document properly attested by a notary:

(a) Picture voter recognition cards (EPIC);

(b) Identity Card from the support of the Condition Govt / Main Community Industry Businesses, regional regulators or public companies;

(c) SC / ST / OBC certificates;

(d) Identity Financial institution cards independence fighter;

(e) Permits weapons;

(f) Residence Documents such as actions authorized pattas, etc;

(g) Charts food;

(h) Retirement living Documents such as ex-book army / pension transaction purchase, the widow of ex-military / Accreditations fill old age pension purchase, widow pension order;

(i) recognition cards railway;

(j) earnings tax recognition (PAN) Cards;

(k) Financial institution / Kisan / Publish Workplace booklets;

(l) recognition cards from learners of identified academic institutions;

(m) Permit and

Birth certificates (n) released under the RBD Act.

(All above records to be created in unique with attested duplicates self-)
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